A3: Assess, Analyze, and Address

The following website is a collection of formative assessment probes developed by K-12 teachers from 2014-2017. A formative assessment probe is designed to uncover student thinking for important mathematical concepts. Each probe consists of: a learning target, a student handout (or interview questions), and coding information.

A learning target has two parts: an important mathematical idea and student success criteria. Teachers would identify mathematical ideas by researching standards, progression documents, cognition-based assessments, and mathematics curriculum. Next, teachers would develop success criteria (similar to learning objectives) that included at least one procedural and at least one analytic criterion. Both the idea and success criteria were written in student-accessible language so the learning targets could be used to develop student metacognition. The learning targets were also important for focusing the probes on student understanding.

To assess student understanding, teachers developed written (or interview) questions. These questions focused on a student's progress towards understanding the mathematical idea, not just correct or incorrect.

To see the formative assessment probes, please browse or search using the links below.

Recommendations for using probes:

  • Pre-assessment
  • Post-assessment
  • Identify possible topics for review

Hopefully the next phase of our work will be to further develop the "address" aspect of the probes, by developing "next step" information or activities based on a student's current understanding.

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